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Testing Evasiveness with Home Lab NIDS and HIDS – Part I

As professional pen-testers we often have the luxury of not being terribly concerned with stealth. Often we will explicitly announce our IP address, plan of action and start/stop times before an engagement. “Loud” (easily detectable/ alert-triggering) tools and methods can be used and a pen-tester can find it tempting to get complacent. However, if youContinue reading “Testing Evasiveness with Home Lab NIDS and HIDS – Part I”

Wireless Security Assessment of an Organization

Having recently completed a wireless network security assessment of an organization, I thought it useful to document the steps and tools I used on the engagement. This write-up largely covers the passive phase of discovering SSIDs in use within the client’s network, identify access points in use, and then finishing this phase with traffic analysisContinue reading “Wireless Security Assessment of an Organization”